I've played 20 out of 50 that I want to play, I’m talking about $0.10 SNG (360)

So far so good. I've made it get in the bubble 3 times. 

Here is the plan for the next 30 plays of this SNG tournament. 
In next 10 games I have to finish at least once on final table. So far my aim was bubble, and I have made it there, now is time to raise the bar.
After that 10, in next 20 I have at least once to be in top 2 players on the table. 
(If I can be 2. I can easily be 1.  :wink:


After I’m done with all 50 SNG $0.10, I’ll start playing “bigger” SNG table – 50 times $0.25, after that 50 times $0.50, after that 50 times $1… you get the point.