I was able to spend a little time at the online tables today (Saturday) and played a varied form of games ranging from some 9 man SNG’s, to a Freeze-out MTT with 9458 players plus the regional league games.

However, I put some time aside to continue chasing a Live UKIPT seat, which I need to fund through Pokerstars and hence satellite through using the 2 stage process.

It all sounds so easy…Not.

Today I did manage to qualify for the £55 satellite through a £1.10 re-buy tourney , although I did play a few of these!

The £55 tourney had 127 entries and 45 people re-bought, thus making 12 seats available to the LIVE event.
I had a past EPT champion Mr David VAMPLEW on my table and I managed to play a nice pot against him which I was quite excited about.
Also in the same tourney was Ms Liv BOERE, although I never got to play on the same table with her. I'm afraid I whimpered out of the tourney in 31st place…

Playing in the same tourney as these stars, makes me realise perhaps my aim is too high and if I feel ‘star-struck’ now then how would I fell on the real tables against them?  May be I should reconsider?    Nahhhh of course not  ..  Aim high….UKIPT this year (fingers crossed) then the EPT next year. It's all about the excitement. innit. !

I also managed to qualify for the other UKIPT LIVE qualifier tourney through a £1.65 re-buy tourney to play the £82 satellite which had 84 runners and 8 seats to the LIVE UKIPT event up for grabs.

On my table was a Supernova Elite player ( I recall seeing a tweet yesterday by Pokerstars announcing the first Supernova elite status had just been achieved) and so I believe Pappadogg is that STAR .
I decided to play slightly more aggressive, well I had to really as it’s a totally different game playing with people of this standard.
I thought I had a chance as I managed to get into the top10 chip stacks when there were only 20 players left (so almost a 1 in 2 chance of a ticket - wow).

I won’t keep you is suspense as the tables broke and with 17 players left I made a move….Here’s the link.


Obviously the right play, it was just not my day. 

That’s my closet run yet in this quest and now I want it more

I guess the blog’s not finished until I take a look at the bankroll.  
Total spend so far is approx £18 over the whole quest (week) and I’m having great fun in trying and recording this.

So to bed I go, and there’s no Poker for me tomorrow as I’ve other commitments. Yes I know it’s a Sunday, but family and some other stuff come first. Night.