I’m not sure what a blog is – I tend to think of it as a diary used to record events and thoughts, and so by putting these onto paper you show your aspirations and seek ideas from others, so things are thought about slightly more deeper than normal. As I was told as a child sharing things is nice!
That’s why I decided to blog my attempt to play a UKIPT London Live event challenge.

Setting goals and challenges gives you structure and motivation, helping to drive your game forward. This can be good if used constructively and in a measured and controlled fashion, but I believe it can be detrimental if the actual aim/goal becomes the only focus and remains un-achievable.
The goals must be realistic and possible to achieve, not necessary easy to achieve but possible.

So my focus remains as I still think it's achieveable, but I do know it won't be easy. My formula remains the same, I shall be using the 2 stage qualifier satellite process. 

Although I’m still along way from realising the dream, I do believe it'spossible, especially as last night I played in the £82 satellite, having qualified through an £11 satellite. I should add, that the previous night I also qualified for a £55 satellite but un-registered from that, so as to use those funds for more 1st stage qualifiers.

At the £82 satellite (Gtd 2 seats to UKIPT London) I was playing well, fairly relaxed and focusing on the table, as the Liverpool Football game on TV had finished by now.

It was then the following hand happened, which changed things for me… quite a bit.


As you can see I wasn’t left in great shape.

I managed to acquire a few chips back over the next level or two, but here’s my farewell hand.


So I’ve tasted the satellite with a much bigger buy-in than I’d usually consider and felt comfortable. I just didn’t get the breaks. Maybe next time! 

Bankroll management wise, although I haven’t detailed all the figures this time and due to not posting on this blog for the last 2 days, I can say that I’m still playing with won funds.
Hopefully I may get to play another satellite tonight. 

Maybe see you at the tables, if you see me say “Ahoy”!