Today I woke to see a clear frost of the lawn outside with a clear blue sky with a nice fresh air feel, it was even better than that, as I had today off from work.
What to do with my day?
As it started so well, it got me motivated, so off I went to the Gym for a few hours resulting in me feeling fitter, energised and with my brain asking for a challenge.
After completing a few essential errands and enjoying the sun for a few hours more I rushed home to fire up the laptop.

My UKIPT challenge is occupying my thoughts most of the time and writing this blog makes it even more so much of a focus/dream. I know inside I’m not really ready for that standard of Poker, but there’s nothing wrong with having a dream and you never know and as my wife reminds me ‘if you don’t buy a raffle ticket you can’t win a prize’.

So to summarise so far, I’ve played 5 satellites and spent £2.45

Satellite 6 was therefore on my mind.
The only satellite available within a short time was another £1R turbo to a £55 satellite.
So I paid my £1.10 and sat down for 90 minutes of re-buy play during which time I lost 8cKc vs AK no deck improvement
But my 99 held against 69
And my AA vs A9. ..yey.
My 77 vs KK didn’t improve either
So I had to make 2 re-buys (2 x £1) and of course took the £1 add-on.
And guess what I ‘binked’ a seat into the £55 satellite – double yey and single fist pump!
Tourney total spend £1.10 + (2 x £1) +£1 = -£4.10.
So running total spend -£2.45 + -£4.10 = -£6.55

My start was going great and I was registered for the £55 Satellite to UKIPT £770 ticket. One win away from a UKIPT ticket.

£55 seemed a large amount of money (as I’d only put £100 aside in my bankroll to try to achieve this challenge for this UKIPT). So I thought about options.
I could achieve my goal now if I remained in this £55 tourney and managed to fight through the field and win a ticket.
I could play the £55 tourney and loose the £55 and have nothing.
Or I could un-register and use this £55T money towards more satellites to try to spread out variance and reduce the risk of running out the UKIPT Bankroll.
This would enable me to enter more satellites and therefore give me more final satellite entries/chances?!
A decision needed to be made…..What would you do?

After much contemplation I decided t un-register and put the £55T into the UKIPT bankroll, so I was now £55 - £6.55 = £48.45 in credit.
I did however still have go at trying to satellite for the same £55 satellite by playing a £8.80 freeze-out, where I fizzled out in 14th with 7 gaining entry- so not to be.
Feeling a little deflated but being somewhat tenacious, I entered another £8.80 satellite but this was a turbo structure and again I went out with whimper in the last 18 but with only the final tablists gaining entry.
So that was another £8.80 spent

Running Total £48.45 – (2 x £8.80) = £30.85 in credit

The only low buy-in satellite left open for me to enter tonight was a £1.65R turbo re-buy (same format as the 1st satellite I Played) and this leads onto a £82 sat.
I had to make 3 re-buys to see me to the 90 minute mark for £1.50 each and whilst being 5th with 8 entries guaranteed and with 17 players left I chose the wrong time to push my A9 and got called by a bigger stack with AJ the deck came QJ9xx so I wasted my chance of getting through to a UKIPT ticket satellite tonight.
Tourney spend £1.65 + (3 x £1.50) + £1.50 = £7.65.

Grand running Total is £30.85 – £7.65 = £23.20 in credit.

Still there’s always tomorrow after work maybe?