Another day so lets do it.

3rd Satellite
I couldn’t give up on the £1.10 re-buy turbos (same format as 1st Sat) so I joined the fray once more for 5 Gtd tickets to a £33 satellite leading onto a 4 ticket Gtd £770 Live UKIPT ticket.
The hands I lost either all my chips or large stacks on were
My QQ vs A4o with a flop of 259 we got it all-in pre turn for a T then a 3 to scoop my chips away
6 hands later I had almost the same mirror hand QQ again against the same villain all-in pre-flop vs A5 with 23549 community cards…What do I need to do!
AK vs J8 with an A9Q7T deck
A9 vs 55 where the villains 55 held up
AT vs 69 with J626Q deck.
So, I made 4 re-buys in total and obviously took the essential add-on, totalling a cost of £1.10 + (5 x £1) = £6.10.

However, I WON…getting a 1st tie and entry to the £33 satellite, as 15 players got paid and I’d managed to creep into the payouts.

So my total spend is £8.10 + £10.25 + £6.10 = £24.45 but I’d now won entry to a £33 satellite to go for the £7770 UKIPT entry I’m aiming for.
So I was £8.55 in credit.

To celebrate and I don’t know whether it was worry, because my bankroll put aside for this challenge was dwindling fast, or the fact I thought I’d be playing with scared money (as I’m normally a micro stakes player) I decided to un-register from the £33 satellite so as to put this £33T money back into the bank roll funds.

4th and 5th satellites
I decided to play 2 x £5.50 turbo freeze-outs instead which each had 3 Gtd places to the £33 satellite.  Total cost £11

Unfortunately neither of these went well and I went out in the last 18 for both these tourneys.

I seem to be able to gather chips early doors but then seize up as the blinds jump therefore halving the effect of my BB chip stack ratio making me play push or fold poker, where invariably I seem to make the wrong choice or choose the wrong time to do either action!?

Any ways, tomorrow will be a fresh go.

Keeping check on my UKIPT challenge Bank-roll, so far I was £8.55 in credit but spent (2 x £5.50) so thus far for the 5 satellites played I’ve made a current spend £2.45.  

Can you see why I’m a recreational player!!