I've been fortunate enough to have played a Live poker event each year for the last 3 years.
I've enjoyed each one and although they were fairly small buy ins compared to £770 UKIPT event, I had to satellite or qualify through other routes for each of them.

Event 1 was an online league over 10 tourneys where the top 50 qualified for the live event plus some other spot entries. (So in summary it only cost me approx £1 for each league game = £10)
From memory I think there was approx £2,500 in total prize funds. I went out 39/58 but had great fun so no win for me.  I remember my loosing hand it was complete red 10h 10d against his JJ  all-in pre-flop - with no help on the flop for me. I remember the hand not only because of cards but because who was holding the JJ, who has now became a bigger name in poker now than he was then.
However I did manage to come 2nd in the small 10 man side event (£10 buy in) to win a branded chip set and enough money to cover my expenses.

Event 2 was a promotion event where I qualified online through a 2 stage satellite process to play at the £110 Live event. Unfortunately I went out 33/146 missing any prize, but where I had played for the longest time, enjoyed a meal break and great company. I think there was a total prize of £10,000.

Event 3 was a £220 2day event which I managed to gain entry via an online promotional event involving a quiz, nominal fee, some luck and a brief selection process. This event had 104 entrants with rebuys for the first few levels available and a prize fund of £15K guaranteed, which was exceeded.
I lasted day 1 being 21/27 with just under half the average chip stack. What a day it was, as when I look back I had been sat at a poker table from 4pm till 0330am...a total of 11.5hrs my longest time in tourney yet and I felt exhausted.
Anyways the story doesn't have a good ending as I went of in 14th position where only the top 11 got paid. My 55 against the villains 10 10 preflop allin didn't fare well, but I was the 2nd shortest stack at the time, so felt Ii had to try to make a move.   But what a great experience it was and it's because of these feelings I'd like to get to play another live event.

So I'm setting high standards and trying to aim for a play at a UKIPT Live event (a poker ambition) with London being the closest venue to the South of England where I live.

That's my background as to the why, I've now just to work out the how, although I have some idea?