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The question here is all about the "CHECK!"

How or when should you check in texas hold'em? I guess that really depends on the outcomes of that hands that are being played. So I was thinking is there a strategy that can help you play tight and aggresive at the same time? For example: the stakes are getting high and you got pocket ace, sitting in the big blind playing against a chip leader who is holding and ace king suited in hearts and playing tight who is stealing blinds any chance he gets, he makes a 3BB raise and you call and the Flop gets 10hearts Kspades Qhearts, despite not knowing what the turn or river card comes but you are trying to get the most you can out of your oppenent. Would it be better to check and hide your hand to see what his next move will be? Or would it better to make a big raise to steal the pot? There is no wrong answer, just looking for opinions.