Good morning PokerSchoolOnline members!

Welcome to my new series of blog entries, this is the first in what will be quite a few charting my progress as I try to realise my poker dreams.

What is the dream? The dream is to make a very good living playing the game I love, No Limit Holdem Poker. Anyone can dream right, but what makes a dream powerful is the energy and dedication you attach to it.


Reality check. As of right now I have tried various buy ins and formats of the game and am £92.00 down overal on profit. I know this because I have checked my performance on the poker tracking website - Sharksope.

But I have played a number of different games from SNG's to MTT's and have realised that the format I like the most are MTT's. I like that with MTT's you do not need to take risks early on and can wait for good cards, but that they get exciting towards the middle stages where you move to more of a push/fold strategy.

In terms of results my best perforamnces come from: -

9 Man 0.50c Single Man tournaments and 180 mans (played 24) - 288% ROI. *

0.35 6man hyper satalites (played 26 ) - 64.9% ROI.

But the game I would like to master and start getting some great results with is MTT's. I have had some good runs too - I finished 66/2622 in the $3.30 Big on November 14th and 137/3594 in 2.20 Big on November 17th. It is MTTs that will allow me to move closer to my dream of making a good income from playing poker - and also to travel the world which is something I am really keen to do.

It's all a long way off though and will require lots of work but i am up for that challenge.

Strategy and Tactics to help me realise my dream

[1] Learn from poker school online

One of the reasons I have got better at 180 mans is because I have been watching 180 man training here on Pokerschool Online, by Chewme1. When I am playing only 2-3 tables I usually play a video at the start of my session at the same time and it helps me to focus on quality and practice applying what I am learning in real time. As the days and weeks continue I want to explore the site more and find out more valuable training programs to use.

[2] Keep building my poker friends network

A few weeks ago someone PM'd me and asked if I wanted to play a game 'staked'. Staked is when someone pays for you to play and you share some of the winnings with them. This was the first I heard about staking and it was a cool experience. Since then I have found the staking forum here on PokerSchool Online and ran a successfull stake. I find the stakes make me really focus on small units of my playing schedule (the stake) and so they are a great help. It is also like a game in itself to try to make the stake profitable so can be fun.

But by far the most valuable part of this experience has been making some new friends that play poker and are interested in the game. I have 4 friends on Skype now who I talk to now and again and talking to them is a great way of just sharing our mutual poker goals but also improving strategy when I've talked strategy with one of them.

[3] Start reviewing my play regular and keep a great mindset

I learnt from Chewme1 that he uses a hand replayer to review his play, so this is something I am going to start doing. Also one of the friends I mentioned above who is a winning player said he goes through his deep finishes in MTTs with a replayer to explore his play. This is something I'm going to start doing at least twice a week.

[4] Start using other PokerSchool benefits more

I am going to start playing in the pokerschool league soon regular I think that's a great way of improving my game and also becoming more active here at the school.

I also want to start using the poker class tickets to enter freerolls - for instance I completed the MTT quiz recently and received five tickets and so am going to use them to try to qualify for the billionth hand tournament which is a big buyin but has huge rewards.

So that's me for the time being. My dream and my short term plans to move forward to it. I hope you are all moving closer to your own poker dreams what ever they may be.

I'm looking forward to sharing how I am doing with you in my blog here regularly as the days, weeks and months move forard!