I have been playing poker in casino's for about a year. I want to do this for a living!!! But WoW! did not think it was going to be this hard to make money playing poker!!! I am learning the game everyday, i read about poker , odds, poker math and many other thing to try to give me the edge over weaker players. I need to take advantage of the weak because i am not ready for the big boys of poker yet!!! Yesterday I played poker @ the casino in my home town. I played for 8 hours of 1/2 no limit holdem, loosing little by little for about 6.50 hours of this session, but I was playing good. Playing very conservative with the occasional bluff. Now I know the players @ the table and I am just waiting for the right time to take what's mine!!! Ok, here we go 6.5 hours of ultra boring poker, no hands, almost never seen the flop, but now its going my way I think. I have $135 in front of me. I get 67 suited and I am on the button. One of the guy's in middle position raise it to 6$, there was 1 caller before me so I call so does the big and small blind. The flop comes ks,4h,5h big and small check the raiser bets 12$ one guy folds and I raise it to 24$ big and small folds and the raiser calls. I have been playing with the raiser for about 7 hours or so I know he has a king and he his trying to make me fold!!! But I have a str8 draw and I have a str8 flush draw so I am not ready to go anywhere yet!!! I know I raise small there but I wanted to keep the raiser in the pot, he as about 250$ in front of him and I know if I hit my str8 I make money!!! The turn is 7c I made my str8. The raiser goes big here he bets $60, now there is about 134$ in the pot so I have about 100$ so i go all in, he calls. The next card is a 8 of hearts, I make my flush and a str8, I win!!! 1 hand and I double up!!! Poker + patience +READING THE PLAYERS will make u money!!! I won that hand cuz of my read on him!!!