Before I start, I would like to encourge you to post your thoughts and suggestion about the topic. Remember I am a new player and your advice would be appreciated. This blog is my opinion and feeling of satelites, so I didnt do the math (Feel free to do it and share it, I am interested).

My currect bankroll starting this month was $15 USD, but considering I started with freerolls I am proud of myself. The reason I have not deposite and used those pretty good first deposite + PSO bonus is because I do not feel like it would increase my enjoyment of the game. Does minicashing in a .11 feel diferent than a .22? I play freerolls and love to see the number of players going down down and me staying alive. I also started playing .11 tournaments which include .11 satelites for the .55 bounty builder, so far I have "cash" twice in this tournaments. I have made "profit" playing the satelites, but done pretty bad in the bounty builder. When I do get in the money I do not go too deep, because I have to work on my short stack game. I do think I do decently in the early and middle parts of these micro tournaments. Now you know why I play and what I enjoy, so lets get to the topic: Satellites.

My thought on satelites, if you are a good MTT player and when you run deep on a tournament you end up in the top 5% or lower you should not play satelites. If you are a player that tends to minicash, then I think satelites are the tournaments for you. Why? Well if you having a great run and you are in the top 5% you would normally get a nice amount of cash but if you in a satelite, you will get way less. You could say that then you should play tournaments with few amount of seats and that way you will get the your "normal" return on investment. This is true, but then you should feel really confident in how high you can finish regularly. Remember, if you finish in the top 5 with frequency, but the satelite you pick only pay top 4, you may end up with NOTHING. On the other hand if you are that minicash player and you play better than usual your return will be great than what you would normally get running better than normal in a normal MTT.

For a player that struggles post bubble, then a satelite brings the benefit of resetting the tournament and giving you your "edge" back. If you finish your satelite while the main tournament is on early stages you get to play the early and middle part of tournament, which probably is where you feel more confortable and enjoy playing. On the other hand if the satelite finishes and you in the middle of the main tournament, you may start with a shorter stack and have less time to enjoy your best part of tournaments. If you tent to minicash you will probably get between 1.1 and 4 buy-ins, but if you accomplish to "minicash" both tournaments you will get 1.21-16 original buyings. .11 -> .50c - > $1.50

My third thought about satelites is that the bounty builders give mini-cash players the chance to use their early-middle tournament skills and make some money. If you know when to call those early tournament shove, then you may end up making more money than normaly.

It is already to late, and the longer I write the more I want to back my intuition with math, sadly I am not great with it. What do you guys think? Does anyone know if the numbers reflect my thoughts?