Welcome to my little corner of the “blogosphere”.  This is my first time joining a poker community and I wanted to take the time to address beginners, like me, which starts playing without reading the “instructions” and then just quit after a few months, weeks or days.

I did just that a few days ago. I started playing and lost all my play money in three rounds. So I took the time to read the course materials and I have to admit, it help a lot. Now, clearly I am a novice, I knew almost nothing about Texas Hold'em, I may have played half a dozen times before. The basic course really gives you a clearer picture on what to expect from this wonderful game. For me, I love this game even more now, yet, I’ve only but began to scratch the surface.

Now to the Core Course, by the way if you complete this course it will give you access to compete in the Skill League with a prize pool of $17500. (Of course you guys know this since it is “plastered” on the front page of this site…) The Core Course really gets into it with Styles, good and bad hands, odds, outs and probabilities.  If you did not like your math classes way back when, you may not like this course. But before you get discourage, think about it. You will spend maybe thirty minutes, and hour or like me a couple or hours, yep I did! If I had to spend a week on the Core CoursesI would have done it, if it is to make me a better poker player, I would put in the time it takes to get it right, wouldn’t you?

Think about it, a table of nine players that know what is going on, that knows how to play the game and that are developing their skills as the game move forward, would that be great or what? Now I am not saying that every player at the table has the same style of play, that would be crazy, but the same “core” knowledge of the game, imagine the hands that could be played.

Until the next post, Have fun and keep smiling:-D