So here's the first part of my simulator guys!

 First i have to say is that there is no HUD. It's a very basic python script that gives u some text statistics in console/terminal. I don't know how familiar are you guys with programming, but for those who are not familiar and are on windows u just simply need to download Pyhton3.5.1 and run the script (i think you'll be fine, just do some researches how to run a python script and you will be ok cuz i reallly don't want to write full instructions here). There are few functions that give u different output, u just need to change the wanted range(number of hands u want to get statistics for) and uncomment the needed function (there must be only one uncommented function!).

So what i got? These are statistics for 1.000.000 hands

Observation: More hands - more stability (yes, there is stability in poker in a long run)

Chances to get any suited Ace is ~3.60%

Pocket Aces ~0.45%

Any suited 2 cards ~23.50%

Any suited connectors ~3.29%

Any suited and unsuited connectors ~15.69%


Second i want to say is that these statistics are pure nothing at the momment! They will be helpful when i'll write the whole simulator (that will be able to calculate winning hands) and i'll do some research about what type of hands are priceless in tournaments. If u want me to write other functions for hands you are interested in just leave here a comment and i will answer


The last thing. If u are a pro programmer, I know - it's not object oriented, it doesn't connect with the pyhton zen but since I am a newbie and in works 100% the way i wanted, that's just perfect for me.