Hi there! My name is Mike. I'm a poker amateur player. I joined PokerStars and PokerStarsSchoolOnline about one month ago. I discovered some good stuff here on PokerSchool, like articles, videos and even free tournament tickets. Thats great for me since I didn't made any deposits and I am really a newbie to poker - it's good for me to try to win without any investments. Without any doubts, thats cool, but what really got my attention - that's freerolls! I played 30 of them this month and my statistics says I am in the 40% best players. Or, with other words, I'm slightly better than an average player. Like many other players in this category, im looking for ways to improve my game, you know, reading guides; watching videos & streams; playing play money buy-in tournaments and something else. Why I created this blog? Because i want to talk with u guys about this SOMETHING ELSE. I was and I am an amateur programmer, so I tried to link 2 points like someone said sometime ago (Steve Jobs), I mean poker and programming. This idea was so catchy for me so I switched to my 2nd operating system (arch linux) and I started slowly to write alghoritms that will give me few answers for the questions I've got. In the next article I'll post a link to the alghoritm that I created and some researches I've did. I hope to get some feedback so best luck to you all, for the next time guys!