whats up whats up

January is over!
Its was definitely quite difficult month in poker and life wise.
Grinded over 50k hands playing 2PLO-10PLO, Did not reach a goldstar since on a third week i got some kidney rock problems and it shut me down properly, Still in a bed mode over a week now.

This month is even more about studying PLO and perhaps playing less hands but more hours.
Also im looking every way to boost my bankroll, since i want to reach as fast as possible 25PLO.
In january i had one failed 10buy in shot at 10PLO, definitely can beat the 6max games.

With a nice Pokerstars promotion running for now this year ja have got bunch of 500usd added tourney tickets.

So i hope to turn some of those tickets to pure moneyz this month.
of course will keep my eye on for more opportunities and satelites etc.


gl and healthy wealth to everyone