In my quest to cash this month, I moved into 985th place in the 10AM tournament.  That puts me into the top 1000 by exactly 2.00 points with 5 tournaments left in the month, two of which already started that I couldn't play.  I might be able to play one of the night tournaments, I have to decide if I need to or not to stay in the top 1000.  I don't want to fall out because I let people pass me, but I don't want to have an early exit knock me out of the money either.  I guess I'll see how the standings look at 8.  If I'm still about 2 points up after two more tournaments, I should be okay.

I think I did well to jump from 7157th place to 985th place and in the money by playing just 9 tournaments, cashing in 4 and getting positive points in another 2.