My quest to jump from 7157th place to in the money for the monthly prizes is nearly complete despite having limited time to play this week.  I was able to play twice yesterday.  In the 10 AM tournament, I finished 12th out of 661, which moved me into the top 1500.  After being out all day, I was able to play in the 10pm tournament where I also cashed, finishing 78th out of 996.    So I'm now in 1057th place with 1623.98 points and have moved up 6100 spots in 8 tournaments, 4 of which I cashed in and a 5th where I did well enough to nearly offset the 3 negative scores.   I'm playing the 10am tournament, but may not be able to play another PSO tournament today  So this may be my last shot at cashing for the month.  Next month I'm going to try to play a few more times than this month to see if I can finish in the top 100 instead of the top 1000.