With a week left in the month, I'm sitting at 7157th place out of 9767 with a score of 1477.99.  My score is low because I've only played a few of the freerolls and have gone out a bit early each time from a few problems

- my pocket aces got busted after calling all ins before the flop.
- calling all in on AK and winding up with a coin flip I lost
- a big bluff that failed
- chasing a drawing hand too far

The first one I just have to live with if it happens again because I should win most of those.  The rest I can't put myself in a position where they can knock me out of any tournaments.

With a week left to play, I'm going to play more tournaments and work my way back to the money.  Both in the individual tournaments and the payout at the end of the month.  The first goal is to get back above 1500, which I hope to do in the 1:00 tournament I'm playing now.