I have met some wonderfull people the last couple days! it has been such a joy to play with some of you.

evanjones09 and sadafin and 204 from canada i loved playing with you gals and guys you all played solid hands no retarded all in with nothing such a lovely time! the last couple blogs i had sounded whiney like a baby there are some great human beings playing in the pso and i am proud to be here.

I want to wish everyone a merry xmas and to say i am going to donate on xmas day to only silver players at my tables so all that play will get a xmas present from me on that day transfered to your accounts so i hope you look for me and say this word

MERRYXJEFF    this is for silverstar players only

and i will send you a present from me lets see who reads blogs now rember xmas day say that to me and i will send only silver star people some cash to play!