Ok, first off I would like to say I had rockets cracked 3 times in 3 different PSO games. People get over it, bad beats happen all the time! I am so tired of people crying all the time because then pushed all in and got beat. The fact of the matter is that pokerstars deals out over 1.5 MILLION hands every hour. That is more hands than you will play in your entire life!!! So, if you were to take every bad beat that happens throughout your entire life time then you would see it is going to happen more so on a site where so many hands are dealt. Yes it is horrible to have your AA smashed by anything but it does happen. Don't just sit at the table that you got knocked out of an run your mouth, go take a shot, smoke a cig, or do whatever you feel you need to do to regroup and get ready for the next game. The more pissed off you are going into the next game the better the chances of you playing like the donk! Slow your roll and get back to your game!!