Hi everybody... My name is Pathan Imran Khan from india. I joined in pokerstars on 25-june-2013 for the purpose of building bankroll of 0$-10000$ like chris ferguson. And i used pokerstars bankroll promo ti initiate my bankroll. as a part of promotion i sucessfully completed task and got 2$ in my account. And i started 0.01$/0.02$NLHE fullring to build bankroll. I have positive sessions on 27,28,29,30 june and 1st july. 



2nd july i had a loosing session

3rd july i havd 116/100bb as profit

4th july i had loosing day

5th july i earned around 2 buy-in as profit  with 94/100bb rate 

6th july $1.66 as profit with 24.88/100bb

7th july i loose $4.30 

Because i loose $4.30 on 7th july i took some break on 8th july

9th july i had $6.22 as profit at the rate of 115/100bb

10th july i loose a little around 0.50$ but big for my bankroll LOL

11th july i had $5.11 as profit with 42/100bb rate

12th july i had $7.92 as profit with 75/100bb rate

Up to this day i mean in 17 days i make 2$ to 44$ around which gives a lot of confidence for me but the day 13th july has come with varience, Badbeat which pushed me on tilt as a result i loose around 18.35$ in one session with 1395 hands.

After looseing 6$ in 0.01/0.02NLHE I was tilted and immidiately moved to 0.02$/0.05$ which kicked me with more 12$ of lose on that day i had only 18$ left in my bankroll and i stopped playing on that day.

on14th july i loose more 11$ in cash table and 5$ in Sit and GO.

Just i have 2$ in my bankroll on 15th july

I stopped playing poker and started thinking.................