Hi.This is my second post on here.As i said b4 i sick at poker lol.But tonight i played in a PSO tourney and was at a few tables where people played soooooo sloooowwww that i thought i was going to scream.I was actually getting really upset my goodness lol.Then a player told me that lots of players do that because we got to make it past 320 players left in tourney,to get positive points.Let tell ya I HAD NO IDEA!!,,,anyway ty to all the people who run their clocks down lol because you've helped me get farther then i have since last month.I'm actually still playing in the tourney as i type this lmao.Started with 1319 players now down to 179 yay almost in the penny round lol.I can sit here and type this out because everyone at my table is running thier clocks down.I s this cheating?Can anyone answer that question?Any back to the tourney.6 more have been eliminated since i started this post lol.couple more and im in penny roundlol take care all.and thatnks to all the people for telling me why people play so slow.I HAD NO IDEA!!!