Hi all,this is my first time posting on hear so be kind lol.Anyway,i would like to start off by saying i love PSO.I've met alot of friendly people,AND a lot of very very unkind people,but ALL IN all(hehe) its a very nice league.As for my poker skills I've been playing poker since May,and joined PSOa few months back,and i have to say this has really helped me out greatly,but i still SUCK lol.I cant seem to go anywhere but down.I try not to play anything under a 10 ,but most times i get sucky cards.Then you get people saying your a sitter because your waiting for a decent hand.Then when i get a decent hand it all falls apart lmao.I've been reading alot of other peoples blogs and it seems to me we all have the same problem.We all sound like broken records lmao(for those of us that know what records are).Oh yeah one more thing there are some folks who seem to dislike people who cant spell,sry to say IMDQUEENB of typo's hehe.ANYWAY,i just thought i would give this blog a try to see,how it all works BCUZ(typo) its nice to vent once in a while and see if sum1 will comment.Ok take care all and may all your cards be the ones you need.OHyes one more thing i clearly suck at holdem,so how about PSO put on some ohmaha high loL tourneys lol,THEN WE CAN ALL BE PROS.