I'm gonna post what goes on in this thing here.

First hand, 5 all ins.

Second hand, 3 all ins. Guy slow played AA and tripled up. Nice play.

Third hand, we get to see a flop. Incredible.

4th hand, we have an early position shover, 2 callers, I have KQo. Gonna fold

5th hand, 3 shovers. I got the 72. Fold.

3 shovers on 6th hand. AA takes it down.

New table. 2 shovers.

I haven't even seen a flop and the chip leader has 15K. Incredible.

7th hand, no shovers preflop. Amazing.

8th hand. 4 shovers. A 28suited and 56 offsuit included. Sweet.

9th hand. 2 shovers. K5o vs Ato. K5o prevails. Awesome.

Have yet to see a flop.

A6o vs A7o in hand ten. A7o prevails.

Pair of 5's mid position. Gonna limp with under the gun and try to see a cheap flop. T77 flop. Not me.

Chip leader is at 32K. I have seen one flop. Let the good times roll.

Well, I'm already close to short stacked. $1360 with BB at 100. Greatness.

Chip leader up to 42K. Must be a great player (sarcasm).

Dude called all in on a gutshot. He missed. Great play though.

Gonna have to catch a decent starting hand and shove here soon.

136/162 is my position. I'm a contender baby.

KQ and 55 have been only decent starting hands to this point.

Gonna defend my blind with T6o. Only minraised. Flopped a ten. Check shove.

I'm a winner baby. Nice. Guy called with two overs. Nice play dude.

59/77 now. Wow. 89 players eliminated quick.

Won't play the Doyle Brunson here.

Kjo mid, gonna limp and hopefully see a flop. QJ3 flop all clubs. Checked flop, bet out on turn. one caller. Checked to me on river, put him on a missed draw, value bet river, no call. Take it down. Chalk one up to the "rookie" hand.

Made it to the break. Unbelievable. 44/59 position. Have 4370. Blinds will be 100/200 when tourney resumes. Leader has 87K. He better watch out.

72o in bb. Sweet. Minraise from utg+1. Blinds up to 125/250 now. Gonna defend. Odds are there.

So, I went out with a pair of deuces (72o in hand). The guy played his hand like he had AK or something. Weak cbet on flop with a flush draw out there. Two flush draws on board at turn, another weak bet. I sensed weakness, so I went all in. He flopped a set of Jacks.

I'm a good player.