At the start of this month I told myself I was going to be disciplined and play good tight poker. Halfway through and I am far, far away from this goal..

Sitting in top 1k PSO halfway through month. Relatively good start breaking top 200 playing tight and mostly right.

Picked up HM2 and thought I'd take it for a test run in micro cash. I turned into a whale.. a winning whale lol. It's really hard to stop when you have momentum. I tilted on some K's vs AK while being double teamed by a couple of Japanese (ironic) dudes 6 max and proceeded to flush 93% of my roll (Good thing I'm in micros) and I've been playing loose aggressive/loose passive/tight passive/tight aggressive instead of just TAG ever since.. at times gun shy and at times insane.

This is not really how I want to play at this stage. I'm not a pro lol.

From the past couple of weeks I have determined:

Sometimes you have to go with your insinct and gamble,

Sometimes you have to make the best decision, fold,

Sometimes tilt can work for you, but mostly it doesn't, and

Don't polarise (If you polarise someones range; doing the polar opposite doesn't mean you will win), don't be stupid. Be a donk and be a fish. They're just labels. If you hit, you've hit.

This game is so random that outside the rules there are none. I'm sure thats why most poker players love it.