I'm going to be honest, This is my first attempt at a blog of any sort. I've been playing poker on computers since I was pretty young, I don't know how young, but I quickly learnt that the fastest way to win was to raise and to keep raising. I doubt the computer had the capacity to call me a manic donk at the time and I effinately had no idea what those terms meant, but, I didn't care because I was winning and making consistant profit overall.


Now I'm 32, Online poker was introduced to me by a friend around 2008 - 2009 and the first site I came across was PKR. I'm a visual beast.. Full Tilt was suggested to me by another friend because of rush and I quickly enjoyed loosing some money there. Pokerstars Is deffinately my site of choice these days.


Getting back on topic - My early carrer has been very loose and enjoyable. My decision making was extreme in a bad sense and I had a tendancy to piss a lot of people off. normally with an ace on the river or chasing the flush when only hitting one suit on the flop - crazy.. I read some literature and received a lot of advice, but I never really changed my playing style much because I won and I won through raising and raising and raising. The only difference between then and earlier was I wasn't making profit. I was winning and for my bracket I was winning big; but I was loosing big also.

Maybe the last 6 months or so have I started thinking more. My style has been blind in the past and I';m trying to open my eyes - Eyes wide shut you may say. I tightened my range for a period and dropped from 26-35% VPIP to between 3-9%VPIP and as a consequence I have increased my ITM%.

Making the money is fine, but it's not winning and we all know winning is where the profit is at.

For now I'm happy to continue working on being a rock, It's good for my stats and it's actually more enjoyable because I get to see more hands in the long run. The only problem I'm having(Apart from the fact I'm not maths or pshychology genius!) is listening to myself when I need to follow the rules to go for the win instead of settling for a bubble. You can always play it relatively safe and settle, there's always a chance you can pheonix, but when it's deep and steep the odds are stacking against a term I herd recently "Quaddruple up" Funny kent.

So - To bubble or not to bubble? I don't want to sit int he top %15 on av. I want to be on top of 5% bracket.