To my poker blog!

Since I have started playing online poker, I have kept a running record of my tournament performance, and after each tournament I analyze what happened to see if I made mistakes and, if so, what they were. Periodically, I go through all my notes and try to pull out key mistakes that I seem to be making repeatedly, as well as rarer ones I think I might make again if I don't keep them in mind.

I compile this information into a file of "poker lessons" I want to keep in mind as I go forward, and in this blog I will share some of these lessons with my fellow students.

A lot of what you will see in this blog is absolute "duh". I have made a lot of embarrassing mistakes, resulting in losses, and many of the lessons I have learned may seem elementary, or something I should have already understood before starting to play with real money. Thus the blog's title, "The Donk Files".

Nevertheless, I feel it might be helpful to share some of my lessons learned, as well as the times when, as a result of learning those lessons (+ experience and the excellent training available at PSO), I get it right and pull off a big win!

And as the mistakes become fewer, I may retitle the blog to something else. :-D