hey guys yesterdays post about my challenge of turning my fpp's into 5,000$+ decided to make a few adjustments to the rules

first of all the challenge wont be taking place on stars for the first limits as i feel i can get value elsewhere since im playing nl2 but when i feel stars will benifit me more than other sites my roll will be getting changed over to stars

but on that note guys one word of advice get yourself a moneybookers account sites offer great promotions and its good to be able to play across a wide variety of sites and moneybookers allows that with ease of transfering between sites

so i wont name the site i am playing on but got 4 x 2500$ freeroll tickets and a 1250 euro ticket aswell which will hopefully increase my roll by cashing in atleast one,got a pending bonus which with the volume i will be putting in i recon i can clear this month

so i deposited 13$ and they gave me a free 10$ instant for the deposit aswell so my roll started ''a good size'' haha 

as i mentioned in last post i wanted to make this my main blog and wanted to make it pretty cool with video entries once a week plus daily graphs and other things i still aint decided about

so heres my graph from yesterdays play

so my bankrolls nearing 50$ so its going alot easier than i first thought due to the fact i used to be a staked cap player and going to full ring (tight) and micro stakes(from small stakes) thought it would be a drag but im enjoyin just playing as i know the cash will come in due course

so guys thats my day one post done and dusted and glad it went well tnothing worse than starting a challenge and well posting your day one and losing haha

so what can everyone take from this

1)moneybookers is a godsend to pokerplayers  get it if you dont already have it ,they have a pre paid card aswell which is pretty cool if you want to withdraw funds for personal use  you can just withdraw to the card and theres your poker bank account https://www.moneybookers.com/app/?rid=33153725

2) stick to your guns aswell dropping in limits aint a bad thing and over time youl overcome it all just stay focused and youl get to where you want to be

3)also please add me and my friends poker team 
tommorows blog will include the bankroll managment structure im following 

and obvcourse day 2's HEM graph