Hi, my name is Djordje. I’ve been watching ahar010’s MTT Low Stake Grind, which can be found here   .

I’ve been recently reading poker bible, so I will compare ahar010 way of playing with my understanding of how poker should be played by Doyle Brunson

9 min : Ahar010 have AK suited, flop J, K, A, 7, T .. there is no possibility for flash.
Ahar010 asuume that other player have KQ, AQ … I strongly disagree. I think that other player have JJ , if he is better… Or any A, with J or T   …  I don’t think that he will call that hand with Q in his hands ..   But I think Ahar010 played it well .. JJ are possible. It is low pair so it wouldn’t been reraise on preflop or maybe AK .. -> split pot

18 min 30 sec : Ahar010 – Q6  button.. player in front of him raise. Both of them are around 2 Pot size… I think that just a raise (not all in) is showing a weakness . So it is moment to play a player and not a cards. I  think Ahar010 should go All in   [added after watching hand: raiser called all in from SB, and raiser won hand with A8]

32 min:  Ahar010 – JJ . I wouldn’t treat raise on button as blind steal.. I would call, not all in

33 min:  KJ , I completely agree with all in, but bad luck

52 min: 3bet with KQo … no way

So, watching this video I learn that I should cbet more…  Not only when I’m preflop raiser. I should raise always when after flop-pot is unraised.  (try to steal)  Ok, maybe not always, but more often