I have watched several Poker School videos and I think the 'Live Training Video: HoRRoR77 The Easy Way to Beat Everyone in HU SNG's' is great , because it helps me improve my Heads up play , because it teaches straight and to the point . The important thing in it is the bankroll management , which says to not go on tilt and chase loses playing higher stakes , like i done and went broke lol.

The hand selection is different in heads up than in full ring , because you can´t wait patiently for monsters like AA here . I didn´t know that you should be raising so much preflop even with high cards . And ofcourse you shouldn´t put fancy plays on micro stakes , however it tells you also when to bluff , semibluff and when to value bet.

It also gives nice advice like that you have to adjust to your opponents , so against tight you raise more hands and against loose less. It also says when to shove your stack , so if you don´t know you should watch it. It also says that loosing is normal and you shouldn´t worry much about variance , when you played the hand right , so thats why you use bankroll management - to not get broke with your opponents one outer on the river .

I think this video should help you learn some thing or two if you are a rookie go watch maybe you will be crushing those limits in few minutes .