Well, it's been quite a while since I have written a personal blog post. The WBCOOP 2013 has given me a reason to stop being lazy (read "take a break from playing poker") and write one. I actually fancy myself as being a decent writer but am finding so many excellent writers here in the PokerSchoolOnline community that it really humbles me. I mentioned a few good blogs in a previous post of mine but since then, I've discovered some others. And then there are the guys on staff here that are practically pros at it. I look forward to a couple of blogs in particular from Gareth "GarethC23" Chantler, who gets his posts on the PokerStars blog recounting his journey in South America and from one of our supermods, JWK24, who blogs about his live league play. Both are adept at painting a mental picture of not only the hands that they play but the setting around them. Additionally, you get to see the thought process of good players and can learn a great deal from them. Of course, I would be remiss for not saying that there are also a number of other brilliant writers here on staff and in the community.

Having read over a few blogs, it seems that the WBCOOP 2013 is going to have a great field of players. The theme this year is “What has been your best moment playing on PokerStars?” I had to really rack my brain to recall what exactly it was for me. The only really great thing that comes to mind happened to me just this past January when I made it out of the Open Skill League into the Premier Skill League. I was pretty happy when I realized that I would be playing in a leauge where the level of play should be much better than the donkfest that is the OSL. I quickly realized that not all the players in the PSL are good players. This is a function of the OSL not being able to weed out the weaker players because anyone can obtain a PSL ticket by not playing a single hand. Hopefully, the next time the leagues are revamped, the Premier Skill League will be full of really great poker players with bigger and better prizes. Having said that, I'm pretty sure that I'll be relegated to the OSL for March after finishing 829th. If that's the case, my goal will not just be to finish high enough to advance to the PSL but to finish better than 80th place and to get a Big Bang ticket.

Since I haven't really laid out my goals for 2013, here are some that I am shooting for:

1. Make ChromeStar every month and collect at least 3 Stellar Rewards;

2. Make SilverStar at least once;

3. Finish better than 80th in the Premier Skill League;

4. Finish in the top 3 of a medium to large field non-freeroll tourney (1000+ entrants);

5. Purchase HUD/Tracking software before June 21st with winnings;

6. Increase my total poker bankroll (live & online across all sites) to $1000 by the end of the year.

My take is that my greatest moment will always be in my future as well as my past because I believe that I will have an even greater moment than what I've already been fortunate enough to have had. After all, attitude determines your altitude!