I've probably played maybe a hundred of the Open Skill League tourneys and have noticed something. To me, it looks & sounds like "gaming the system" and could be considered a way of "cheating within the rules". What am I talking about? The guys who sit out for the whole tournament. They eventually get blinded out but not before thousands of other players (albeit mostly bad) get knocked out. They then collect the points for the tournament which I think, amounts to a few points. Let's say they can get 5 points per tourney by doing this. If a player plays 4 (out of a total of 6 daily) tourneys a day for a month, that would be approximately 120 tourneys which equates to 600 points. Added to the original 1500 points each player is given at the beginning of the month, it gives a total of 2100 points which is easily "in the money" for the leaderbaord rankings. I've also recently seen some (smarter?) players who actually play a few hands and win some chips. They then sit out for the rest of the tournament because they will have a few more points than those who sat out the entire tournament. This kind of behaviour seems to increase near the end of the month as players are desperate not to lose their standing on the leaderboard while others are on the bubble and are desperate to gain a few more points to push them into the bubble. The good thing about it is that this strategy becomes less and less effective as more players do it.

I'm not sure exactly how prevalent this is (although it appears that a lot of people are doing it) or if any of these players actually won any money from the leaderboard standings but I think PSO seriously needs to address this. It changes the dynamics of the game when you only have 2 or 3 players actually playing while 6 or 7 others are sitting out. I realize that the good players will fight through these obstacles but I would think that PSO wants to avoid giving out cash for that kind of "play".

Many of you may have noticed this with other freerolls as well (such as the satellite tickets to the Weekly Round 2 tournaments) but I don't think (none that I can think of) anything can be done with these kinds of tournaments. Besides, trying to make top 56-72 players out of thousands is nearly impossible to achieve by sitting out the entire tournament. However, since PSO tournaments award points, they could adjust the number of points by  simply multiplying the percentage played by the points that they would have been awarded. For example, if player A plays zero out of say 100 hands before he gets blinded out, he would be awarded 0 points. But if player B plays 90 hands out of 100 and would normally get 50 points, he would be awarded 45 points. To make it especially punitive, this should only be applied to positive points so that if negative points are awarded, the full amount gets applied to the players' monthly total. To add some additional "fairness" to it, maybe this rule is only applied if the player sits out more than 10 or 20% of their total hands as I know there are occasions when players have to step away for a few hands.

What do you PSO'ers think?