I was at the tables playing this tourney again last night and made it into the money. Although it was a just $0.01 (at this point, every little bit helps), I was very keen on the 80+ points that I was awarded after a decent run. As always, it was my goal to make it to the money first. My next goal was the final table but I busted out at 49th out of 8200 players or so. Next time... What felt really good was that I did suckout at least once which made me feel better for all the bad beats I had been taking recently. Nice to know that the law of averages seems to work (somewhat).

I also made a good read on a player that was bluffing me and took a bunch of chips from him/her. I had been playing relatively tight and had just laid my cards down in a previous hand when someone 3-bet me. I took my time and thought over previous hands and saw that the player bet a lot with nothing before. I only had top pair with a good kicker but I thought that s/he maybe hit the straight or flush on the board. In reality, s/he hit the river with bottom pair. You can take a look here:

I need to finish more of these tournaments with more points so I can move up into the top 2000 (out of more than 90K players at the moment) and collect some of that monthly cash. The whole idea is to get into the Premier League with the big boys. The top 500 in the Open Skill League quaify to enter in the Premier league which appears to have a ceiling of 1500 players. The other 1000 players are made of the top 800 from the previous month's Premier League and the top 200 from the Qualifier League. There are a lot fewer players but the competition I'm sure, is a lot tougher and the reward, that much bigger. However, players who earn 150+ VPP's and finish in the money for the month's leaderboard get paid something like 10X players who only earn 20+ VPP's. To earn those VPPs, you have to play in games that have a rake or tournaments that have a fee. In other words, you have to spend your money in cash games or pay tournament fees. I haven't been playing much cash games or paid tournaments lately because my bankroll has taken a hit from those MicroMillions II re-buy tournaments. Ugh, if I could go back and re-play that first tournament... Anyway, lesson was learned and I'm moving on. My bankroll was a lot smaller in the beginning than it is now so I'm confident that I can build it back up. Frugal bankroll management is now in order.