I've now got 3 tickets to the Weekly Round 2 since winning another ticket last night with almost 8000 players finishing 40th. I may have done better (I think I'm good enough not to bust out at that point) but I sat out once I determined that I would be getting a ticket (I was 14th with about 107 people left with the top 72 getting tickets) because it was really late (1 am) where I am and wanted to go to bed. So far, I was able to win tickets from 2 Hubble freerolls and 1 Ptolemy Deuce-7 NL Lowball freeroll. The reason why I haven't registered to any of the WR2's is because the Saturday NLHE WR2 is at 7am where I am and I'm usually up late on Friday playing more hands. Also, the Sunday WR2 rotates between several games with which I have very little to no experience. OK, so I bit the bullet and just now entered this Saturday's WR2 NLHE MTT $2000 Prize Pool.

I also played a PSO Open Skill League tournament last night which runs every 4 hours every day. There were 8239 entrants this time around and my goal was first to make it into the money and then work my way to the final table. My highest finish was 7th last month but recently haven't been doing so well. As it turned out, I did OK (finished 885th) picking up some much needed points (33.23) in the standings but ultimately, I was out of the money. Needless to say, I made a mistake in exposing my chips to danger from the cut-off pre-flop much too early in the tournament and I didn't expect the small blind to call. Lesson learned... This is the particular hand that got me into trouble:

I knew the first villain went all-in with a marginal hand from previous hands. I didn't think there would be any callers after me but I was mistaken. Wrong spot for me to call this fish out and he got lucky. And this is how I busted out:

Same guy, another straight. Sigh...