So to enter this series pokerstars has asked people to blog about there best memories on pokerstars i have only ever wrote 2 blogs before so not musch of a writer but here goes.


My best memories on pokerstars hhmmmm now as all you poker players out there remembering your best memories is not as easy as you think remembering your worst are easy we can all remember the bad beats having your aces cracked your flopped Quad 4s getting beat by a turned Quad 9s for them we all remember those dont we but the good ones we dont we dont even remember when we crack someone elses aces just when it happens to us .


So here goes with my best memories i have a couple really December 2010 pokerstars ran a regional online poker championship so mine was for UK and Ireland region with a range of different tournies as usual i didnt have a big bankroll and woke up early one sunday morning jumped into a sattelite for the £55 1RA and somehow managed to get me a seat which i was happy about an hout before it started they rna super sat with 50 seats guaranteed ( i think ) there was only about 90 runners so value was too good and managed to hit another seat whoooppppeeeee.It was a very friendly tournie bit of banter not nasty and got to break with 12k from 5 then couldnt decide wether to use my other seat to re-buy when one of the players said to do it as it was nearly 50% of my stack to add so i did i later realised it was Jack Ellwood who went on to win it anyway i went on to finish 16th for £465 and was my first kind of decent cash.I also went on to win the freeroll just before new year for another £385 so not a bad few weeks for me anyway.


My second memorie is my favourite again it was a sunday morning was really early 4am-ish couldnt sleep so jumped on computer again was low on funds only about $22 in my account had a look round decided to play sunday million sat there was 1 seat and $180 for second well i ran like a god that morning hit everything cracked everything and managed to get heads up i was happy with either prize but ended winning the i have won  a couple od sunday million seats before and never played it as i didnt feel i was good enough to justify playing a tournament for that buy -in so again i unregistered and decided to use ot to play smaller tounament which i hindsight was a good decision as for one week and one week only a ran like a man possesed i could do no wrong went on to win 1 second in another multiple deep runs and winning on cash tables and all in all was a very very good week which allowed me to buy in to all the scoop events i wanted without worrying and staking a friend in a all went back to normal lol just a few min cashes but enjoyed the run while it lasted.


Anyway that was my attempt at a blog dont really know how this reads to others but thought i would give it a go as i didnt write one last year for this championship.

Good luck to everyone at the tables and just remember we all have good runs remember those not just the bad beats and be lucky.


Darren Daly (ifold1971)