I undrestand certain players have been playing 4 awhile 2gether and they have a repore with each other and nobody plays better than them if your new here....but when u play a hand they consider chasing,fishn etc etc. your a donk and idiot a dam fool they wanna check your ranking (and you can check mine ) and this is my 1st month.....but when you catch them on another table and u raise kings and they call and catch a 4 flush on flop and u push all in with a few thousand and they call and hit its a good hand for them but when u did it you was  a donkey? seems to me if your in the top 100 like i am or was you shouldn't call them or your suppose to respect there raise cause there elite... BLEEP that play your game because if they had a chance there gonna do it to you a find a reason to blame you for losing the hand to make there call look good. to all the new commers play your game get better don't be an donkey but play smart don't let these lil cliques scare you of your game its part of there strategy..when u win against them your gonna be critized because they don't no u. and not all the top players do it but enough do and the bad part some of them are not in the top 100 and they been here longer than the new commers so what does that say for there game....i gues if they talk about you it makes  them fell better cause your out ranking them and your new..GOOD LUCK NEW COMMERS PLAY UR GAME,   BLEEP THE SO CALLED ELITE. p.s  a few typhos run on sentences but u get the point