HELLO PSO,  I just started playing the pso maybe a month and love the site. you have your mix of ppl some fun some to serious some are just idiots. but just want to say to the lil cliques they have here its funny how they try and tag team ppl who beat them with what they consider bad calls and your rank is not up to par. the other day not to mention names i limp in pre flop with q/9 dia. don,t no what the guy had but flop hit 2 diamonds he bets 30 i call turn no biggie he bets 160 i call diamond hits river he goes off. lol i tell him to bet like he has it instead of milking me him and his lil buddies go off on me. now at this time im ranked 1600 3 days ago there up in rank 100, 200, funny how in 3 days im ranked about 246 and there at 2 something right along with me just 3 days now  lol. so to all the top dogs HA HA HA. and they no who they are. BUT OTHER THAN A SELECT FEW WHO THINK THERE THE GREATEST THE PSO IS OK WITH ME. EVERY CALL WONT BE THE BEST CALL BUT THATS WHY ITS CALLED GAMBLING.