looking for home game player   we are playing  play money tourneys  in eve. for players who want to know what it takes to get ticket to pro tourney on wed.     must have 8 member or more in you club and play 5 games  with min. of 4 players  before wed. eve.   this is for play money tourneys    for cash tourneys you need to play 2 games of 4  with 8 in club be for wed.  eve.      I GET MY TICKET WEEKLY WITH PLAY MONEY TOUR.   IT HARD TO GET PEOPLE TO PLAY CASH TOURNEYS                                                              MY CODES   403136   INVIT.  19451948   WIFES HOME GAME                                                                                  MYHOME GAME     340188  19461945                                                                                                                            WE WANT TO JOIN other  play money clubs     have 4 in my household  that will play in
yours  good all   see at tables