After my last post of getting 30BB/100 in 2NL full ring, I am now down to 8.52BB/100.

On the other hand, after being -9.58BB/100 in 2NL 6-max, I am now up to 4.5BB/100.

I played only 2000 hands in each category (working full time does not leave me much time for Poker each day), so it doesn not say much about what my average will be, but that's the stats we have to work with for now.

You might say that I should concentrate on playing more full ring games, but I'm not sure yet.

The only stat I should look at when deciding which table to play in is $/hour, and right now I have 0.36$/hour on Full ring and 0.29$/hour on 6-max.

So I will still have to experiment playing both games, and for now I'm sticking to only playing two tables. I might switch between tables every thousand hand.

After all of this, I still don't know how successful am I. Having a positive $/hour is probably a good sign, but you can't really say how good are 0.34$/hour that I earn on average.

I think that while $/hour is THE stat you are striving to improve, you can judge youe posker skill by BB/100. BB/100 means how many Big Bets (big bet = 2 big blind) you make per 100 hands. Mine is 6.62BB/100.

So 6.62BB/100 in 2NL might not earn me much, but if I had the same ratio in 200NL (which I won't), I will make a profit of 6.62*200*2 = 26.48$/100. I think this is a good enough stat to make me continue want to play poker.

What stats are you guys looking at to determine your play and why?