First things first... I'm probably going to be invited to the premier league next month, but I'm dropping out of the PokerSchool league.

The reason I started playing the league was to make some $ and start my bankroll. Luckily, PokerStarts were extremly kind to me, and gave me 10$ for passing the NHLE quiz

Than a few days later I got 10$ more, not even knowing why this time. Than, only about a week after that, I got another 15$, again, not knowing why.

So thank you PokerStars for giving me 35$ to jump-start my bankroll. I used these funds, and after about 12 days I now have 55$ in my bankroll.

Another reason for dropping out is that I would not be able to play in the Premier League games because of time constraints. So I figured I should start investing my time elsewhere.

I first started playing SnG's. They started out ok, but my stats so far are not brilliant:

Than after watching Felix's first "Grinding up through the micro's" session, I tried playing 6-max NLHE, with bad results:

I figured I'm not yet good enough to play 6-max games, as they require more skill, so I thought i might try full ring games. I took what I learned from Felix's tutorial session, and applied it on full ring games. My results here are a lot better:

I know this is unsustainable, but I just wanted to brag before my true level catches up with my luck. :wink:

I'm giving full credit to Felix for this. If you are trying to move up the micro stakes ladder, WATCH IT!!! My game is a lot better thanks to that one single video. (At least I hope that my success at the tables are not only luck). I think that video is so important that I will link it again.

The main key I got out of it is to RELENTLESSLY try to isolate players who demonstrated that they will call your preflop raise with weak holdings. If you catch someone limping in, than calling a reraise and after showdown he shows J6o, you want to play as many pots as you can with this guy with what you think will be better cards.

I think most people who multitable don't have the time to spot these guys, or at least that was my impression from the 1k hands I played in the full rings.

Anyhow, I am now on a quest to increase my bankroll so I can play in the next micro stakes level of 2/5NL. I will let you know exactly how I'm planning on doing it in a few days.

In the mean time, I'll be interested to know how low my BB/100 will fall... So will you please be kind enough to tell me what are/were your BB/100 while playing in the 1/2NL games?

Please post your BB/100, not bb/100. If you don't know the difference check this very short article that was Roomik17 shared on the forums.