My target for November is to earn a place in the premier league.

To do that, I needed to achieve 2 things:

1) Finish in the top 500

2) Earn 20 VPP's

The first target, was more simple... Not easy, but simple. After 25 games in the open league, I am currently 373rd. This required a lot of folding and stalling, and the occassional all in. I could have made it in less games, but I at the start of the month I played too loose and had a few games with negative scores.

The second target was much more complicated for me. You see, I live in Israel, and poker is illegal here. That means I have no way to deposit any money to the site.

For half a month I was trying to think of ways to deposit money... I even approached a friend that used to play on PokerStars to ask if he could transfer some money to my account. But than...

6 days ago, I recieved an email from PokerStars, notifying me that I have been awarded 10$ for passing the NLHE quiz, as a part of their BankRoll Builder Promotion.

I like STG's, and played the lowest level play monet STG's until now, so I thought I will try them out to earn my VPP's. I chose to play the 1.5$ knockout STG's, beause I thought that with a bounty offered, people might play too loose, and I will finish more ITM by playing tight.

So far so good... I started playing, than a few days ago I got another email from PokerStars, notifying me of another 10$ credited to my account!!!

I now have 22 VPP's, and a bankroll of 27.69$.

I am now going to play a few more tournaments, just so I don't drop out of the 500. I will keep playing as tight as before if not more. So if you see me going all in, you better fold. :wink:

Good luck!