I live in Israel, poker is illegal here, and I have been racking my brains to find a way to make my first deposit. To my surpruse I got an email a few hours ago telling me that  Pokerstars gave me 10$ for passing the NLHE quiz.

I will try using these 10$ to make 20 FPP's by the end of the month.

I hope I can make good use with the money I have been awarded. It's going to be risky, as 10$ are really not enough to start playing in the 0.01/0.02$ cash games (usually you want to have at least 25 buy ins, wich are 50$), so I am going to play tight and hope that luck will come my way.

I also need to finish at the top 500 of the PokerSchool Open League, so I can get into the premier league next month. My plan of playing 21 games and getting to the top 500 is not working. After 18 games I'm at 1000, and I will need a miracle to finish in the top 500 in 3 more games. That means I will have to pickuup the pace!

How are you guys doing in the PokerSchool league?