Hi guys,

I work in IT 9 hours a day, 5 days a week. 1 hour commuting each direction, makes it a about 11 hours a day. The regular story.

I earn about 2500$ a month, and I'm 28.

I want play poker to increase my income, with the ambition to one day stop working in IT and start working as a poker player.

Here is my game plan for the start of my career:
I will start by playing in the Poker School Open Skill League for a few reasons:
  • I can earn my first bankroll without depositing money.
  • Playing Poker School Open Skill league tournaments is not very hard. They start with 10,000 players, and you can get to 2,000 players without ever playing a hand. (I don't recommend not playing any hands, but a very tight - very aggressive approach is my basic strategy for winning these tournaments).

I will also try to play once a week in the "Weekly Round Two" tournaments to earn a few extra bucks, but only if time allows.

I will start documenting my progress on the 1st of November.

My Target for November:

  • Gain an invitation to the Poker School Premier League.

Means of reaching my target:

  1. Playing 21 Poker School Open Skill tournaments.
  2. Getting 20 VPPS.

That's all for now...

See you on the tables. :-D