The one true fact about the game of poker is the worst STARTING HAND POSSIBLE.  Can win the pot. The flop,turn, and river, in other words the board, dictates the outcome of the hand. So many times i see that the FLUIDITY OF THE GAME, just goes right on by the fixed minded players. The idea that the higher ranked cards SHOULD WIN ALL THE TIME, is FIXED IN THEIR MIND. So it must be so. The truly successful poker players know that ACE KING whether suited or not is still just ace high. Yes the "ODDS" may be in your favor pre-flop, but soon evaporate if no matching ranked card hits the board. I now mix up my game, while when I get there with some hands the ol internet donkey sayings spew forth, and I really don't mind. What another player thinks of me is their concern not mine. I have been playing every pso event when home, which is most of the time. I know that even the GREATEST POKER PLAYERS IN THE WORLD don't place every tourny, therefore my pso panking is towards the bottom of the order. That will be changing in Nov. I have all the notes, observations, and tendencies recorded, stored and accessable for use.We all have strategies, mine has been to play every tourny and visit all of the monthly top ranked league players bio's and clock their tourny play, how many what time, and the results. Now in Nov. I'm going to put that info to play. So wish me luck for the one area I'm good at is collecting and collating data for future use.