I have been taking great notes for about 6 weeks now and I have noticed a very troubling pattern start to emerge.

Seems the only characteristic of players that is growing rapidly is the shove monkeys. Usually, in most tournies, they are easily ignored and avoided. This is not the case in PSO anymore. I have had a player shoving every hand at every table in every match this month. My PSO score has suffered tremendously, I try to play only top 5 around these guys and thats all I and others are playing, one by one we are being knocked out becuase we are forced to shove or not play. Eventually the blinds catch up and you either shove or blind out. I have never had to put that label on so many players than I have in the first few days of this month. Seems like we are playing shoot out sit and go with this type of play. It's not much fun siitting at a table knowing that if you play a hand you need to go all in because the guy to your left will be shoving with any two cards every single hand. Oddly enough they seem to have the most chips too lol (great strategy, unless you check the rankings).  I am going to continue with the league for the month but I think if the quality of play continues down this path, I along with many others, I presume, will stop investing the time. Hope I am wrong with this one but it's not looking good.

Good luck, Iced99