Oh yes, we have all said it. Usually right after showdown when our AK gets busted by someone's 73 off suit or something like it. This post is kind of a continuation from my previous post about patience. Being a rookie online poker player I try to absorb as much information as I can from the pros and other good players (VIA: book, video, blogs or whatever). That being said, I think I have pinned down one of the most dangerous pieces of advice yet. The suggestion to "get all your chips in" when holding a monster. Now keep in mind that I am only coming from the PSO, Freeroll and micro stakes perspective here. Consider that most great players, professional players and players that will most likely make a video or blog about poker strategy are playing other great players or seasoned players. At the very least they are playing in games where the other players have something to lose. We are playing in a field that has, for the most part, at least a 50% field of: "I don't care because I just want to win this one" , "I am a uber aggressive player with nothing to lose so lets see how many times I can go all in with any two cards before I bust" and a great deal of beginners that don't know any better. That pretty much leaves us with a 50% chance we are going up against someone with an actual range of hands that they will or won't play. I cannot count how many times I have put my tourney life on the line with a monster only to be busted by a marginal hand or a hand that should have been folded long before any flop. Fact is that those of us that are playing for the big picture or monthly rankings need to be very careful about playing with the high standards we are taught to be playing with. I am not suggesting to change your range or style of tight aggressive play. I am suggesting that making a tough lay down might be the best play even if you know your two cards have a far better chance of winning a heads up showdown when all in. Laying down a monster for me is just as hard as not smoking a cigarette. I have been trying to quit after a 20 year, pack a day habit and laying down a monster is about as hard. I am struggling with this every day but I have found that when I do bite my lip and lay it down against a re-raise or a snap all in play after me, that not only do I have a better chance of coming away with more points but I personally feel better than after had I gone bust to a rag hand. Once those 10-20 points are deducted from your score, they are gone and you need to work twice as hard to make them up. Try raising 3x or 4x the BB (M-Zone (stack) permitting) and if you get an un-realistic re-raise for all your chips, suck it up and lay it down. That re-raiser has around a 50% chance of being a rankings non-contender that could care less about their ranking and it really sucks to double up a player that is un-predictable and reckless especially when they are to your left. Maybe I am right or wrong, not sure but I do know that I see and experience more tough beats that probably wouldn't have happened in higher stakes play, but they do and will happen at this level. Love it or leave it, just my perspective on trying to gain an edge in a large and difficult field of players looking to get my chips. Good Luck! Iced99