Okay, so I learned what I believe to be the most important lesson in all of poker...PATIENCE!! Mid month I am sitting in the top 10, 3rd to be exact (for a second). All I could see was the big money at the end of the month, go go go hard and get it. Well reality set in and I found myself around 400 something inside a week. I lost my patience. When it got bad, it got worse. Fortunately I took a short break and managed to crawl back up to 105th by month's end but along the way I learned a tough lesson about being patient. And that 3 bucks I made was much more important than I would have thought and here is why... Last month I also made a small deposit mostly so I could be active for this month's PSO rankings. I don't have a whole bunch of cash to throw around so I figured I could simply win a tournament and poof!! have an instant bankroll. Sounds easy enough, yeah right. I guess I made a common mistake and overplayed my bankroll. I entered into games that had a big payoff for finishing well but ate up my cash in a hurry. Turns out that winning cash tournaments is a lot tougher when your mindset is on the money and not the poker. So here I am broke again, well not really but close to it. What I realized after blowing my deposit was that the skill league and bankroll building is a marathon, not a sprint. So now penny by penny and dollar by dollar I have a goal. While working towards the goal, I will play with rules. Rules that basically state: Play within your means and play for the long haul, not glory in one night. Micro stakes and small entry tourneys are the plan, never buying in for more than 5% of what I have in my bankroll. As far as the PSO rankings, I intend to play one game, one hand at a time and keep my eyes on simply playing well, not being number one the first week and trying to stay there. This month I may actually do well and if I do, rest assured any money made from PSO or micro cash games will be a welcomed addition to my carefully managed bankroll. Good luck! Iced99