So, here we are half way through the month. This is my first month playing PSO and from week one I have managed to hang around the top 25, all beatt a tough task. So today has been a roller coaster up and down and hopefully back up before the day turns to morning.

I have noticed many strategies to make points, some sit and hang out, others play all out and me well I suppose I just get two good cards and try to make something of it. Not sure what works the best yet. I guess we will know the answer to that in around two weeks.

I bombed today, as i did last weekend. I fought back to the coveted top 25 but only to find myself in a rutt right before the last PSO of the night. A win would be nice but unlikely, more realistic I will avoid a few bad beats and crawl my way to a cash.

I have met some cool people and believe it or not I am having fun, I am just hoping to keep my ground a midst the rags and awfully strange sticky boards that come up. See you at the tables and with a lot of luck and maybe a crystal ball into my opponenants thoughts i can stick around the top.

Good Luck!