I Won a seat into the 2500 event through a 550 satalite.

This event is my first live tournement outside of a bar tournement.

The event ran Feb 10 and Feb 11

563 participants

Starting stack 10000 chips

45 min blind levels starting at 25/50

I drew the small blind position for the first hand in seat 1.  I was fairly nervous but wasn't giving off that I was nervous.  I was dealt a hand I normally wouldnt mind getting but really didnt want to go bust on the first hand. Pocket Kings. I flatted the min raise and the flop came j 8 2.  I decided I wanted to take the pot right there and bet 800 into the pot of 400. Everyone folded and I took down the pot. 

My chips slowly climbed up to 15000ish. I wasnt interested in playing big pots early and there was a couple of very loose aggressive players at the table. That table was pretty uneventful for me.  when my table finally broke I was moved to the table with the WPT 2006 Niagara champion.  I was falling behind the average stack when I picked up AQ suited. My general read on the table was fairly strong with the strongest player 3 seats to my left. I felt like he was out playing me and raising most of my plays. He had 4 x my stack when he three bets me. So I call and the flop comes Q high rainbow. I bet half the pot and he cold calls me.  Turn card pairs the board I check he bets a pot size bet for about 30% of my remaining stack.  I snap shove all in. He tanks for a few mins then asks me if I will show if he folds. I just say maybe he sighs and fold his cards. I show him my hand and he geos nice hand I just folded the same hand.  My confidence was starting to build. A couple of hands later I lose 40% of my stack over playing pocket 6's.

I was moved to another table for balance with about 30 mins left in the day.  I had no playable hands on that table ended the day on a short 20k in chips. 71 people left and 60 people making the money blinds for day two were starting at 1500/3000 with a 300 ante.  I had a few interesting key hands. 

Again on day two I started off with a pocket pair.  This time 10's with 7500 in the pot already I shoved all in. I decided I didn't want to try to outlast 11 people by blinding off.  1 person thought about calling me but in the end he folded. About 10 hands in there is about 66 people left. I had been picking up blinds staying around 25k in chips. I was in the cut off had K 10 I shoved all in to pick up the blinds and the big blind snap calls with A9.  I flopped a K and went on to to make trips.  I was lucky to win that hand. 

At the bubble I was dealt JJ under the gun I call for 3k  with about 46k in my stack I didnt want to play and big pots on the bubble.  seat 10 who was playing very loose raises to 14k . In my mind I couldnt just flat call I had to shove all in or fold. after thinking for 2 mins I decided to fold my hand face up and he goes thats a really tight fold and showes AK. The fold sucked but I was confident on the bubble that it was better to fold then race.  shortley after that the bubble broke and an applause spread through out the room.

The field quickly drops down to 50 people.  Im on the BB when everyone folds to the small blind and he looks to me and asks to play a friendly pot I said maybe and he calls the pot. I look down at my cards Im sitting with 99. I wanted to raise but I was thinking if I just check and hit I can get a lot more chips from him.  flop comes A 10 9  Two hearts and a diamond.  He checks to me and I check because I think he has a weak A  or a suited A.  Turn comes 10 of diamonds for a full house.  He leads out and bets 7k I raise to 15k and he calls river card brings a third heart on the board. he bets 8k and I raise to 26k.  he thinks for a bit and then folds not happy about he asks if I have a flush so I show  him the Full house and he goes wow did you ever have me sucked in. 

Down to 25 people left Im starting to get close to the average chip stack when I pick up 77 I raise to 16k everyone folds till it gets to the button and he raises all in.  he had been raising lots of pots shoving people off hands all day and showing some light shoves and catching up to stay alive. So I think about it for a min and decide to call he shows AK flop comes AK6 and at that point I was done he had me covered by about 2k in chips so I finished 25th cashing for $11550 in my first live play.  If an other player shoved I fold that spot and probably should have folded there. But over all it was a great experience and ended on a  happy note. 

I really would like to the thank the live trainers for their sessions as they have helped me improve my game and allowed me to hang in the tournement for as long as I did. I made serveral mistakes during the tournement and learned from them and ajusted on the fly while playing. I cant wait for more Live tournemnts.

My next tournement might be a local event 330 buy in 80 person Max event. If I play it I will blog about it.