Well, another day, another PokerSchool open skill league tournament, another ridiculous exit from the tourney.

It was the beggining of the tourney...we were in less than 20 minutes into the action. I played tight and folded every hand, till KK hit me. Guy to my right goes all-in, i have more chips, better position, and 2nd best starting hand - one that wins 5 out of 6 plays everywhere but on pokerstars. He played loose before, bluffed, so i imagined his chances of AA being far lesser than having nothing. 

A third player, bigstacker calls us both, the rest fold and there we are...three players: Me all-in with KK, all-in bluffer all-in with 1010, and the guy with over 20k chips in his stack after only a couple rounds with the lowest pair of us all - 66. In a flash, i think to myself, i won, i ****ing won the pot and i might get to a reasonable position today!!!

But then it hit me...this guy...how do you get 20k cips in less than 20 minutes of play?? "OH shit!" I think to myself, here i am, again against another "i'll play every hand and **** you up each time no matter what you have" player..this won't end well!

And then the flop comes...3..."yes, i'm still in baby"...6 "there you  go, how predictable.lucky gets even luckier"...and another 3.

from there on there was little hope that i'll se a king fall, but hey, i'm optimistic, why else would i deposit another 10€ after i sucked out 100 times, hoping i won't suck out this time? 

But abandon all hope on pokerstars. They love some players and kill others...No King came, like in hundreds of situations where i desperately need a card.

And so ends another tourney, i get another big hit on my monthly tally and i'm left wondering, when the hell will pokerstars do something about their software...there must be some loophole. no chance this is variance..i mean...what are the odds of being so lucky to get over 20k in less than 20 minutes of pla and still beating KK with 66? who the **** even plays 66 after 2 players go allin?!??! well...if you get lucky like that with every hand, you just play every hand..you just know you'll win. Some people a re really lucky, don't you think, MR. Negreanu?