Well, for a while now, i've been playing at pokerstars. I don't know why, but I came here first, and I kinda stuck with it, and didn't even try any other poker room. But in these recent days, i'm seriously considering puting my money on the table in some other poker room. Why?

Well, I'm not a big gambler, and i'm not a pro poker player, so i play at micro cash tables 0,02/0,04$. The first time i got there, i hadn't much experience, and i won some, and then i lost some - a lot more than i won. It was to be expected, considering i didn't even know what is stronger, a flush or a straight. I felt some dissapointment, but like i said, i knew i wasn't up to it, so i got behind the books and read all about poker. After that, i wen't back on, played some more, lost everthing. i toguht, damn, i'm not good enough, let's read some more. And i did. a lot more. And i came back again ,tried my luck, won a lot more than before, but then lost everything again. 

Then i started paying more and more attention to what hands people play to beat me. There's no argue, that a 2 to 6 straight is stonger than Twopair AA KK, and it's not surprising a set beats pocket AA, BUT every poker book sugests you to be agressive preflop with hands like AA, or AK and to fold with hands like 2 7ofsuit, 3 5 ofsuit. And every pokerbook says,  that playing with hands like that you MIGHT get lucky once in a while, but in the long run, you'll loose. 

Well, i notice people don't fold when you have AA and raise standard 4xB+1BB for each limper, and then bet on every street. They play each hand, even 73 or 53. And what's odd about it is, they call your high bets, and very often get a set, or a straight. I've played Pokerschool Open Skill league, and the common practice is, that someone goes all-in on every hand, even 5 times in a row and WINS, even when AA,AK,AQ, TT call  them!!!. OK, they MIGHT get lucky, but what are the odds a low hand like 3 5 beating a hand like AK,AQ, KK?? What are the odds winning 5 consecutive hands no matter what cards you have at showdown??? Looking at the games on pokerstars, very high!!!

The thing i notice is, that the turn and river generously rewards fish, that get to see it. Example

It's the beggining of the tournament. I get AQ on late possition, one player limps before me, i raise 5BB, SB and BB call, the rest fold. Flop shows 3, A, T. I bet 3/4 of the pot, SB, BB call, limper on midpos. calls. turn shows 6. I bet again, BB fold, limper calls again. He could have good hands like two pair TT,33, or even AA, AK, or a set or even fullhouse, but he wouldn't have just called my bets, would he?
Well, we get to the river. 4 falls on the deck, check, to see what the hell is going on without risking more money. He checks too and he shows 2 5, and the river completes his straight 2 to 6.

or even a dumber example... first or second hand in the tourney, guy kicks all-in with J2, another player calls with AK. Flop comes K2 6 turn is 2 and river is J, WHAMO full house!!! 

And fish betting high or even allin with much worse hands like that, get lucky evem more. A tight agressive guy plays on high cards, he's agressive so he bets high and looses a lot to a fish. Considering it's a freerol tournament, i suspect fish have better chances of striking a winning hand,  just to encourage them to start playing money games. 

Another thing is, that before i registered to a pokerschool, so that my results count for the leaderboard prizes, i managed to play into top 250 players, then i registered with  the school, and with the same game play i'm glad if i get to top 1000. And it got even worse last month. At first on the begining of the mont, i was in top 75 players on  the leader board, then, i started having bad beats...like the ones i gave in the example. Or even stupider, betting high with J2 in my hand and J,J,2,7,3 on the table, just to get beaten to a J3 hand. 

I guess if you got a prize last month, it'll be harder for you to get in to the prizes this month. It's totaly understandable, it's in the interes of pokerstars to let more different players get prizes, not only the same ones, month to month. Look at the leaderboards for the last months...no top player from one month is at the top the next month. I know my motivation wouldn't be as high if i knew that the top 500 prizes are allready spoken to to the last months top 500 players...

I've complained to the pokerstars support about unbeliveable strings of unbeliveable defeats, but i just get the standard "our cards are dealt randomly, bad beats happen to everyone, fish get lucky sometimes" answer.

So i took the matter in my own hands. I aquired a program that loggs my stats. Number of games played, hand i play with, hand i win and loose with, etc. Be sure, when i reach 50.000 games (that's the number they said statistians mark as the lower limit for statistic comparison of samples) i'll check those stats and if i loose more than 40% with my AA,  (this hand is supposed to win 4 out of 6 times) , i'll have my proof. I'll post it to every poker site for every poker player to see.